Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Fun/Blechs

To start off with, Sweets and Sweat is my new name (it was Awkward Vegetarian before). I thought Awkward Vegetarian was just awkward. I wanted something fun and kind of girly. Sweets: um, I love sweets, who doesn't? I store dark chocolate in my fridge always. Sweat: I enjoy running and working out! I love to walk to places (I'm rather immobile in college). But seriously, Sweets > Sweats which is why Sweets go first. :)

So this weekend has been crazy! Good and bad. I have a big midterm in my microeconomics class on Tuesday. I'm not prepared. (I'm just being honest). But, I have had a lot of good!

So I woke up at 6:30 and studied, ate breakfast (bowl of cereal with 2 tangerines). Then my parents picked me up and we went to SF to see a museum! That's on the drive to SF! I love the city and I am glad I get to go twice a week when I go on my internship.
The museum was awesome (de Young). Check it out:
So beautiful. I love glass art. Ok so after the museum we went to Hong Kong Lounge Dim Sum in SF. We waited AN HOUR AND A HALF. I didn't get to at until 2:30 and granted I was cranky. But we ate so much and had leftovers (=dinner for me!)
I went to the library for 4 hours when I got back and then I had dinner (1/2 a banana, a papaya, rice krispie treat, and the rest of my kombucha guava drink). Yum!

I let myself sleep in till 7am. I woke up, read a chapter for Econ and then hit the gym where I finally ran 3.5 miles! Go me! I was so excited I could hardly do my abs workout. Meh! Ok so before I introduce breakfast you need to know what conditions I live in (haha it sounds like I'm living in prison...well it kind of is in terms of size). I have like 2x2 space for my pantry and a little fridge:
Yea, that is my pantry. The water boiler is on the left, my plates are in a blue container. I'm so organized and clean! NOT. Haha, I'm in college, come on.
This is on my roommate's side. Our snack bar is on the top and she has her rice cooker on top. Ok so on to breakfast!I had 1/2 cup of Uncle Sam's and 2/3 cup of joe's o's with 1 cup of soymilk. To complete it I had a cup of Chamomile Tea, a tangerine and water! I had 1/2 a soyjoy bar and a tangerine pre workout. Best fuel. Trust me, eat before an early morning workout. One time I didn't, felt faint, tripped on the treadmill. So graceful, I know. Have a great Sunday!

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