Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Going Bananas

Three bananas. Three days. One midterm. I am seriously going bananas. Alright so last night my Dinner was...So before I went to my professor's office hours ( I was so nervous talking to him, I just get really intimidated by teachers) I had about a cup of soup to hold me over until 8 when my Burmese Politics class finished. Notice the econ notebook it's on...
In class, we listened to a guy named Min Zin who is a graduate student here at Berkeley and he didn't even finish high school but now he's in graduate school! He lived in Burma and was a political activist when he was 14, went on the run and went into hiding, then was a journalist in Thailand before coming here. Really fascinating story but I was so stressed because of econ that I didn't really get to focus on it.

I came back, and had a HUGE salad. (spinach, salsa, olives, tomatos, cucumbers, boiled egg white, broccoli...) And I realized I had vegetables for lunch so I was carb hungry. I had a few bites of noodles but then I ate the rest of the dumplings.

Dessert was white chocolate mousse!
And the last of my 88% cacao chocolate :(
And after that, I was stress eating like CRAZAY. I had about 10 Trader Joe's veggie chips, studied for a few hours then called it a day.


Pre bike ride: 1/2 soyjoy bar and 1/2 banana
Bike ride: 5 miles, 25 minutes=stress free me.
I was so hangry for a carby breakfast...
Breakfast: 1/2 grape fruit, chamomile tea, and about 1 ish cups of honey nut cheerios and some uncle sam's with 1 cup of soymilk. I was too lazy to measure out the actual cereal. BIG mistake. I poured myself SO much honey nut cheerios. And it's too sweet for me. Like way too sweet. I've been eating no sugar cereals (Trader Joe's O's and Uncle Sam's) so I've been used to the bland (but I like it!) tastes. Wow was this crazy. Note to self: Use a measuring cup please so I don't have a sugar rush attack.

Lunch will consist of a PB&J sandwich, carrots and an apple. My midterm is at 2 so I'm going to study/eat lunch at a cafe. I definitely believe in eating a fiber rich and protein rich meal before a midterm and just for any lunch. It'll hold you over.
I'll probably leave soonish. At 3:30, I am definitely treating myself to some froyo. If you've ever been to Berkeley, you NEED to try Yogurt Park. Big yogurt, small price. But today, I'm going to Yogurt Land. They have an amazing array of toppings (tropical fruit!) and since I'm lactose intolerant, I think I'm just going to get toppings.

I'll post again when my midterm is over! Have an awesome day everyone.


Felicia said...

Awesome pics and writing of your yummy food! Good luck on your midterm! :)

And we should definitely go for a run or something! facebook or email me at

sweetsandsweat said...

Thanks girl! I love the support. I say we should definitely grab yogurt park when it gets warmer! Good luck in school as well, school is no fun at times.