Saturday, February 27, 2010


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Friday, February 26, 2010

History Failure!

Hello! Last night at history jeopardy my roommate and I came in LAST! Haha but we're not History majors so whatever!
This morning, pre run I had half of that container of blueberries with 1/2 a gnu peanutbutter bar.
My 3 mile run today was one of my best/worst. At 2.6 miles I got horrible cramps and I usually don't get cramps. It really took all I had to keep on going to 3.10 miles. BUT it was a great run because I didn't feel tired at 3.1 but my gym has a 30 minute on treadmills (LAME).
After my run I ate some oatmeal with 1/2 a banana. (oatmeal:1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup of milk and water, cinnamon, almonds, 1 tbsp peanutbuttah)

I also had some blueberries with some cheerios and cinnamon!
Lunch: carrots with hummus, some sweet potato fries, and a "malibu burger" from the dining hall. The burgers are vegetarian but about 260 calories a pop (including the bun)! So they're my healthy burger.
Snack: self explanatory
So tonight, I went to see the Oscar Nominated Shorts and they were great! If you live near a theater that's playing them I'd say please go! I watched the live-action and the short "Miracle Fish" has my vote for the Oscar! If I had a vote..haha
And we ate at my favorite brunch place for dinner, La Note! Not good for dinner but a must-go for breakfast.
I had a piece of sourdough bread then ratatouille! I ate it all! YUMYUM vegetables, I felt no guilt.

We also had creme brulee for dessert. It only cost me 20 bucks to know I am NOT a creme brulee girl. :( hmph. BUT IT'S THE WEEKEND! I will be posting a great interview of another blogger tomorrow hopefully!

Rules Shmules

If you have them, join the club. I've been insecure about my body/weight/self probably most of my life. I never really had them when I was a child. I think if you're a kid and you're already insecure about your body something is seriously wrong!
But when I was little, I would eat so much trash. Trash meaning, candy bars, chips, quiznos, hot cheetos (yum), McDonalds, ice cream..etc. The list can go on forever. But the one thing that I think that helped when I was little was exercise! I was in so many sports and then my freshman year of high school I joined the cross country and we ran a good 15-20 miles a week when we were training. However, when I stopped running due to asthma (grr) is when things went downhill. I didn't gain much weight in high school, but I didn't exercise and kept on eating trash. I would have pizza for lunch and then Burger King for a snack. However, I didn't gain much weight because I stopped when I was full! I definitely lost that ability entering college.
Oh college.
One night, when I was still at UC Davis, my friends and I wanted to see how many plates of food we could eat. We stacked our bowls and plates and ate 20 plates full of food. I remember eating a horrible dessert after every meal. I gained probably 10 pounds going up to 120. I lived in a suite that didn't exercise and also ate trash. But I don't blame my suitemates for my weight gain, but it definitely didn't help. The funny thing was that I turned vegetarian my first month of college. I thought "Hey! I won't gain the Freshman 15!" Wrong. My mindset was that if it didn't have meat I was in the clear.
Cheetos, Lays, and all things sinful were vegetarian. Meat is never in desserts! So something happened when I saw a picture of me and my then boyfriend.
That was my regular face but it looks like I got my wisdom teeth pulled. When I saw this I was shocked. I didn't realize what had happened to me and the first step of my "healthy plan" was to be honest to myself and to say hey, I really need to do something. Adam (the guy in the picture) had just come back from working in Australia so he was fit and skinny, unlike me. So this is when things changed. I incorporated salads into my diet (slowly), changed to brown rice, and ate 1 plate of food at the dining hall rather than 5.

Here are the key rules I followed to becoming healthier.

1. Get ready for a change in your lifestyle. The hardest part isn't actually exercising/eating right but is thinking about it and not doing it. Do it.
2. Eat real food. No not McDonalds but when I decide what to snack on and I have a choice between some chips and a piece of fruit, I think about "what will get me closer to the body I want?" I still eat chips a lot but fruits are more delicious and cheaper. Yess.
3. Have water on hand 24/7. I have a 32oz Nalgene bottle with me at all times. I used to eat when I showed the signs of dehydration. Bad bad bad news bears! Sometimes, you think you're hungry but you're really thirsty.
4. Benefiber/Prunes. This helped me along before I had enough fiber enough. Fiber is crucial to letting everything out people!
5. Sweat. Make exercise a routine. When it is stuck, you can't really get out of it, which is good!
6. Say "stupid scale!" I don't know how I weigh now. I don't really care. I fit into my clothes and I feel good! That's all that matters. Plus, scales cost money. Spend your money on a smoothie instead.
7. Brush your teeth after dinner. This is the only thing that prevents my nighttime munchies. Do it and I guarantee you will not want to eat. I'm so lazy and since I wear an Invisalign retainer, I don't want to take it out and rebrush my teeth. Ugh!
8. Try to eat serving of fruits/vegetables for each meal. Also, snack of fresh vegetables! I love carrots but they're not filling enough so I add some chipotle hummus to it. So good and spicy foods make me drink water which makes me feel fuller.
9. Get a dog! Haha or just walk. My dogs require two walks a day and when I'm home that's about 3 miles of walking. Or you could go to college, I walk too much I feel like. (I'm lazy, have you noticed?!)
10. EAT YOUR DESSERT. Treats make life worth living. I require one dessert a day. That's right. But that doesn't have to be fattening or sugar-laden. I eat fruit with cinnamon or a piece of dark chocolate. Yum.

Hope this helps :)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost there!

Friday. I can feel it. FEEL IT. I have a lot of fun plans for tomorrow. Well, I have one class. Because my other got canceled. Ok so onto the eats of the day:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of Honey Cheerios (I measured it out or else I would've had the whole too sweet problem again), 1/2 cup of Uncle Sam's and a handful of blueberries with soymilk!
Lunch: (more like snack). I was so hungry, at my internship I had the all this food before 11. Just the usual, PB&J, carrots and an apple.
When I got back, from my internship, I ate some Tropical Blend Sensible Foods. I love this stuff but it's so expensive I can only eat it once a week MAX. And it's all fruit, yum!

OK My favorite, dinner! Salad and noodles!

Grapefruit with cinnamon for dessert. Definitely delicious with cinnamon and then I had two strawberries (not pictured) with cinnamon.

I hope everyone's Thursday went well! I'm watching Greek as we speak, it's one of my guilty vices. I have a great interview with another blogger that I'll be posting tomorrow hopefully! I'm off to a Jeopardy History event for the History club with my roommate at 8pm. We will fail I am sure!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Party with Bill Clinton!

Yup! Today was the day I got to see BILL CLINTON speak! I was so far away it could've been any other person really. He was extremely inspirational...for the few minutes I paid attention. He talked about global responsibility and helping others. He's an amazing speaker. But, I had some crazy indigestion going on. I was so focused on the pain in my abs/intestines that I couldn't really enjoy it. Also, I had the worse seats in the house. But it was so worth it!
Alright so food time, pre 3 mile run I had the other half of the banana and soyjoy bar I had yesterday.
Came back and had OATMEAL. Yum. (1/2 cup of oats, soy milk, almonds, cinnamon, peanut butter, flaxseed). I like to add cut up banana rather than smashing it in. I also had chamomile tea.
Before I went to class I had some Good Belly probiotic drink. :)
For lunch I had some salad and some noodles!
Two bowls of noodles, actually.
AND some 77% cocoa mint dark chocolate. 84 calories of goodness baby!
For dinner, I had half a cup of Autumn Harvest Barley soup. It wasn't good. Soup=sodium=weak bones=sad me.
Also I had some edamame.
AND a slice of tofu pizza. Not good. Dry and crunch but I was hangry.
Originally, I was going to have some nice soy yogurt to increase my calcium intake. Not. When I opened up the container it had mold. Yuck. So I had some strawberries, blueberries, a dash of cheerios and cinnamon. It was really good!
Overall, disappointing dinner but a fantastic day! Tomorrow I get to go to my internship in San Francisco, head to class and head home. I'm going to do some work now for English/Econ/apply for study abroad! Have a great night!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ahh, relief!

Ahh! All done! The midterm wasn't too bad. It was definitely hard and an hour and a half flew by when I was taking it. So I treated myself to froyo! It was chocolate frozen yogurt, mixed fruits, coconut, some cheesecake bits and other yummy chocolatey things. I realized my lactose intolerance is worse than I thought. I felt horrible after. So much for a treat!

Dinner I had some green beans with pasta and marinara sauce. Also I had 2 egg whites and beans because I went to a nutritionist and she told me up to my protein. Being vegetarian is hard. Do you guys know how to add more protein?
I was still hangry so I had about that amount of noodles. My stomach is endless. I also had a bite of chocolate and a few chips after my yogurty mess.

So tomorrow, I skipping class (it's a Classics class, useless in my opinion, JK!) to see...Bill Clinton speak! He is coming to Berkeley and I was one of the many lucky students to snag a free ticket! I'm super excited. Alright, goodnight worldwideweb, I'm going to watch Survivor and every other show I missed while I've been studying for a week :).

Going Bananas

Three bananas. Three days. One midterm. I am seriously going bananas. Alright so last night my Dinner was...So before I went to my professor's office hours ( I was so nervous talking to him, I just get really intimidated by teachers) I had about a cup of soup to hold me over until 8 when my Burmese Politics class finished. Notice the econ notebook it's on...
In class, we listened to a guy named Min Zin who is a graduate student here at Berkeley and he didn't even finish high school but now he's in graduate school! He lived in Burma and was a political activist when he was 14, went on the run and went into hiding, then was a journalist in Thailand before coming here. Really fascinating story but I was so stressed because of econ that I didn't really get to focus on it.

I came back, and had a HUGE salad. (spinach, salsa, olives, tomatos, cucumbers, boiled egg white, broccoli...) And I realized I had vegetables for lunch so I was carb hungry. I had a few bites of noodles but then I ate the rest of the dumplings.

Dessert was white chocolate mousse!
And the last of my 88% cacao chocolate :(
And after that, I was stress eating like CRAZAY. I had about 10 Trader Joe's veggie chips, studied for a few hours then called it a day.


Pre bike ride: 1/2 soyjoy bar and 1/2 banana
Bike ride: 5 miles, 25 minutes=stress free me.
I was so hangry for a carby breakfast...
Breakfast: 1/2 grape fruit, chamomile tea, and about 1 ish cups of honey nut cheerios and some uncle sam's with 1 cup of soymilk. I was too lazy to measure out the actual cereal. BIG mistake. I poured myself SO much honey nut cheerios. And it's too sweet for me. Like way too sweet. I've been eating no sugar cereals (Trader Joe's O's and Uncle Sam's) so I've been used to the bland (but I like it!) tastes. Wow was this crazy. Note to self: Use a measuring cup please so I don't have a sugar rush attack.

Lunch will consist of a PB&J sandwich, carrots and an apple. My midterm is at 2 so I'm going to study/eat lunch at a cafe. I definitely believe in eating a fiber rich and protein rich meal before a midterm and just for any lunch. It'll hold you over.
I'll probably leave soonish. At 3:30, I am definitely treating myself to some froyo. If you've ever been to Berkeley, you NEED to try Yogurt Park. Big yogurt, small price. But today, I'm going to Yogurt Land. They have an amazing array of toppings (tropical fruit!) and since I'm lactose intolerant, I think I'm just going to get toppings.

I'll post again when my midterm is over! Have an awesome day everyone.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday Shmonday

Happy Monday everyone!

To recap for yesterday....

I had a sandwich(spinach, cucumbers, mustard, veggie patty) with some carrots.

AND a rice krispie treat! The last one my mom made for Tet. :( So good. So good. This blog isn't called Sweets and Sweat for nothing. There may have also been 2 squares of dark chocolate eaten as well....

Snack was a banana! SO BIG!
I ate half of this salad, the other half is for my lunch. It's ok, I needed some more greens.
A bowl of noodles my momma made me! Top ramen noodles! I had 2 bowls!
Dessert: Dried thai papaya strip. Mmmm..
I went to a review session for my econ midterm from 7-9pm last night, came back, and had the munchies. So I had some almonds dipped in almond butter and a handful of cheerios. :)

Today! Breakfast was oatmeal! (half a cup of oatmeal, cup of water, soy milk, flaxseed, some almonds, and flax seed toasted almond butter-can you sense a pattern with my nuts?). Also, there were 2 clementines (last ones :() and a cup of chamomile tea.
I also had a GoodBelly probiotic shot for good measure.

I woke up at 6 intending to go to my Monday morning yoga class. However, I woke up, washed up, went back to bed for 10 minutes and said "no way jose." So now I'm left feeling sore from yesterday's run and I wish I dragged my butt out of bed. Oh well..

I haven't eaten this yet but here is my lunch: Some more carrots and leftover salad (no dressing, I like eating salad alone sometimes) WITH some yummy leftover dumplings (3) from dim sum on Saturday. I'm excited.
Snack includes the last of my giant banana stash. I need more fruit.

I have a busy week ahead of me. Well, not really. Today I have to study until 11, go to class for 2 hours, go to the library/eat lunch for 2 hours, go to class for another hour. Then think of a thesis for my paper that's due in three weeks so I can talk to my professor. To top it off I have class from 6-8pm tonight. Tomorrow I have a HUGE econ midterm. Wish me luck!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Fun/Blechs

To start off with, Sweets and Sweat is my new name (it was Awkward Vegetarian before). I thought Awkward Vegetarian was just awkward. I wanted something fun and kind of girly. Sweets: um, I love sweets, who doesn't? I store dark chocolate in my fridge always. Sweat: I enjoy running and working out! I love to walk to places (I'm rather immobile in college). But seriously, Sweets > Sweats which is why Sweets go first. :)

So this weekend has been crazy! Good and bad. I have a big midterm in my microeconomics class on Tuesday. I'm not prepared. (I'm just being honest). But, I have had a lot of good!

So I woke up at 6:30 and studied, ate breakfast (bowl of cereal with 2 tangerines). Then my parents picked me up and we went to SF to see a museum! That's on the drive to SF! I love the city and I am glad I get to go twice a week when I go on my internship.
The museum was awesome (de Young). Check it out:
So beautiful. I love glass art. Ok so after the museum we went to Hong Kong Lounge Dim Sum in SF. We waited AN HOUR AND A HALF. I didn't get to at until 2:30 and granted I was cranky. But we ate so much and had leftovers (=dinner for me!)
I went to the library for 4 hours when I got back and then I had dinner (1/2 a banana, a papaya, rice krispie treat, and the rest of my kombucha guava drink). Yum!

I let myself sleep in till 7am. I woke up, read a chapter for Econ and then hit the gym where I finally ran 3.5 miles! Go me! I was so excited I could hardly do my abs workout. Meh! Ok so before I introduce breakfast you need to know what conditions I live in (haha it sounds like I'm living in prison...well it kind of is in terms of size). I have like 2x2 space for my pantry and a little fridge:
Yea, that is my pantry. The water boiler is on the left, my plates are in a blue container. I'm so organized and clean! NOT. Haha, I'm in college, come on.
This is on my roommate's side. Our snack bar is on the top and she has her rice cooker on top. Ok so on to breakfast!I had 1/2 cup of Uncle Sam's and 2/3 cup of joe's o's with 1 cup of soymilk. To complete it I had a cup of Chamomile Tea, a tangerine and water! I had 1/2 a soyjoy bar and a tangerine pre workout. Best fuel. Trust me, eat before an early morning workout. One time I didn't, felt faint, tripped on the treadmill. So graceful, I know. Have a great Sunday!