Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ahh, relief!

Ahh! All done! The midterm wasn't too bad. It was definitely hard and an hour and a half flew by when I was taking it. So I treated myself to froyo! It was chocolate frozen yogurt, mixed fruits, coconut, some cheesecake bits and other yummy chocolatey things. I realized my lactose intolerance is worse than I thought. I felt horrible after. So much for a treat!

Dinner I had some green beans with pasta and marinara sauce. Also I had 2 egg whites and beans because I went to a nutritionist and she told me up to my protein. Being vegetarian is hard. Do you guys know how to add more protein?
I was still hangry so I had about that amount of noodles. My stomach is endless. I also had a bite of chocolate and a few chips after my yogurty mess.

So tomorrow, I skipping class (it's a Classics class, useless in my opinion, JK!) to see...Bill Clinton speak! He is coming to Berkeley and I was one of the many lucky students to snag a free ticket! I'm super excited. Alright, goodnight worldwideweb, I'm going to watch Survivor and every other show I missed while I've been studying for a week :).

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