Thursday, February 25, 2010

Almost there!

Friday. I can feel it. FEEL IT. I have a lot of fun plans for tomorrow. Well, I have one class. Because my other got canceled. Ok so onto the eats of the day:

Breakfast: 1/2 cup of Honey Cheerios (I measured it out or else I would've had the whole too sweet problem again), 1/2 cup of Uncle Sam's and a handful of blueberries with soymilk!
Lunch: (more like snack). I was so hungry, at my internship I had the all this food before 11. Just the usual, PB&J, carrots and an apple.
When I got back, from my internship, I ate some Tropical Blend Sensible Foods. I love this stuff but it's so expensive I can only eat it once a week MAX. And it's all fruit, yum!

OK My favorite, dinner! Salad and noodles!

Grapefruit with cinnamon for dessert. Definitely delicious with cinnamon and then I had two strawberries (not pictured) with cinnamon.

I hope everyone's Thursday went well! I'm watching Greek as we speak, it's one of my guilty vices. I have a great interview with another blogger that I'll be posting tomorrow hopefully! I'm off to a Jeopardy History event for the History club with my roommate at 8pm. We will fail I am sure!

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